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Mark Stephenson, January 23 2023


For the last little while I've been enjoying watching birds. Started just before COVID hit and then it's become a real hobby for me.  I've been taking pictures, setting up bird-feeders and I've been painting and drawing some birds I've seen.

The photography side has been a lot of fun and I'll post some pics sometime soon (some are on instagram). My intent is to use the photos as references for my drawings and paintings. Connecting what I draw and paint to things, people and animals I've seen is core to my process. Creates a deeper connection and story for me.  

Here are a couple of the pen and ink bird drawings that I've done.

(above) Gray Jay, acrylic ink and are on 14x20in 140lb hot press paper.

(above) Female Cardinal, acrylic ink and are on 14x20in 140lb hot press paper.

Hope to be posting more of these birds drawings this year.

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Mark Stephenson


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