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Alternatives to drawing the figure from life

Mark, March 20 2020

This post contains nudity 18+. Life drawing sessions are being cancelled everywhere as we social distance and quarantine ourselves to avoid the spread of Covid-19. But this doesn't mean you have to stop drawing the figure. Here is a list of alternatives to drawing the figure from life.

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First drawing from 2020!

Mark, January 17 2020

My first life drawing from 2020 and first time using this the Golden high flow Dioxazine purple colour I picked up just before the holidays. Pen and ink on hot press board, 14in x 20in.

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Couple drawings from 2019

Mark, December 27 2019

Lots going on this year with a move and work but I have been getting out to do some life drawing here and there this year. Here are a couple recent pen and ink drawings. Tried out a new Holbien acrylic ink for this one, flows nice, great colour. Pen and Ink on 140lb hot pressed paper, 20" x 14"

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Wilf and Ada's, "Eclectic Nine"

Mark, September 19 2019

A friend of mine Jennifer Ford has curated a small show of works at Wilf and Asd's, a little restaurant at 510 Bank St in Ottawa.  That's my pen and in drawing in the middle. Here is the list of the artists in the show, go check it out while it's up.

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