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Updates and ramblings from an artist and designer living in Ottawa, Canada.


Kanata Civic Art Gallery

I'm proud to announce that I have been accepted as a member of the Kanata Civic Art Gallery.  I moved to Kanata a few years ago and have grown to appreciate the community and green spaces. We live right near Beaver Pond and this has had a great influence on my art. Daily walks near and by the pond have been bringing in lots of inspiration, you...

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All Hands on Deck 2023

All Hands on Deck is back again this year and I'm happy to be participating again with over 200 other amazing local Ottawa artists. My submission this year is a board with a Great Blue Heron. This heron is from Beaver Pond in Kanata, a regular that I would see on my local daily walks. Board is painted with acrylics in case you're



For the last little while I've been enjoying watching birds. Started just before COVID hit and then it's become a real hobby for me.  I've been taking pictures, setting up bird-feeders and I've been painting and drawing some birds I've seen. The photography side has been a lot of fun and I'll post some pics sometime soon (some are on instagram)....

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Are you feeling Lucky!

I'm excited to be participating in the Ottawa Arts Council fundraiser, Luck again this year. It's a fun event where everyone who purchases a draw ticket get to come home with a piece of art. I've done that a few times myself and added some wonderful pieces to my collection. This year I've contributed a pen and ink study of one of my plaster...

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All hands on Deck 2022

Update: Auction is open, here is a link to my board. I'm happy to be participating in All Hands on Deck 2022 #AHOD2022, it's been a few years since I participated and it feels good. All Hands on Deck is an annual fundraiser in Ottawa, Canada, where artists create skateboards that are auctioned off to raise funds for a charity. This year the funds...


I've been nominated for a 2022 Ottawa Award

Well, thank you to whomever nominated me for the Faces Magazine, Ottawa Awards, in the Digital & Social Visual Artists category.  It always feels wonderful to be thought of and I am grateful. This is a people's choice award and relies on votes from you! Voting ends January 29, 2022 and you can vote once per day. I don't expect to win but I apprecia...

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Wish you were here

This is the first time I've participated in an Alumni exhibition. I studied Graphic Design at St. Lawrence College where I learned the fundamentals that have been the foundation of my design and art pursuits. I'm grateful for all the knowledge that my professors passed along and for the life lessons I learned in the process. And I learned some less...


Alternatives to drawing the figure from life

This post contains nudity 18+. Life drawing sessions are being cancelled everywhere as we social distance and quarantine ourselves to avoid the spread of Covid-19. But this doesn't mean you have to stop drawing the figure. Here is a list of alternatives to drawing the figure from life.


First drawing from 2020!

My first life drawing from 2020 and first time using this the Golden high flow Dioxazine purple colour I picked up just before the holidays. Pen and ink on hot press board, 14in x 20in.


Couple drawings from 2019

Lots going on this year with a move and work but I have been getting out to do some life drawing here and there this year. Here are a couple recent pen and ink drawings. Tried out a new Holbien acrylic ink for this one, flows nice, great colour. Pen and Ink on 140lb hot pressed paper, 20" x 14"

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OAC Luck

(image above: a pen and ink drawing I've donated to Luck 2019) I'm proud to be participating in the Ottawa Arts Council's annual fundraiser Luck. Luck takes place on Thursday, Dec 5, 2019 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM at The Studio, Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave., Ottawa Artists donate works and the Ottawa Arts Council sells tickets, each ticket guarantees you an...

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Wilf and Ada's, "Eclectic Nine"

A friend of mine Jennifer Ford has curated a small show of works at Wilf and Asd's, a little restaurant at 510 Bank St in Ottawa.  That's my pen and in drawing in the middle. Here is the list of the artists in the show, go check it out while it's up.


Figureworks Prize Call for Artists

I am proud to share the Figureworks Prize call for artists with you. Figureworks is a passion of mine. I first got involved as an artist finalist then as a volunteer and for the last few years I chair the board for this amazing volunteer run not for profit organization.  Below is our call for artists, I hope you consider submitting and coming to th...

Hipsters at ArtEast

A couple weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to give an artists talk as part of the ArtEast Ottawa Speaker Series on involving the audience and participants in the final outcome of art projects. This is certainly a topic I'm passionate about and a lot of my art projects are founded on this principal. So of course, I brought out all my toys; H...


Where to go life drawing in Ottawa and Gatineau

Life drawing, also know as figure drawing is one of my passions. The act of drawing the human figure is my meditation, at the end of it I feel calm and centered. No longer do I get to hung up on the end product, it's about being around other artists, my tribe, and the joy the act of creation brings me.



My friends Mea and Stephane Arthur Kiss have a band called Saturnfly and I got to design their logo, album cover and a few other elements. As they developed their album Cyborg's Lament I had the pleasure of hanging out for a few sessions to soak in the sound, I'd describe it as a sci-fi chill that takes you on a galactic journey. Give them a listen...

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