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Mark Stephenson, April 20 2019

Hipsters at ArtEast

A couple weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to give an artists talk as part of the ArtEast Ottawa Speaker Series on involving the audience and participants in the final outcome of art projects. This is certainly a topic I'm passionate about and a lot of my art projects are founded on this principal. So of course, I brought out all my toys; Hipster Monocles, Firefly pendants including the new ones and a few Social Portraits.

In keeping with the topic I brought enough Hipster Monocles for everyone and we had some fun with those. I quite enjoyed putting the talk together and browsing through old pics for the presentation. Feeling pretty inspired to get back into some of these projects knowing that I've only scratched the surface on ones like CSArt M. I Here are some pics from the talk.

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Mark Stephenson

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